Hi there! We're Luke and Cat, and we're so happy you're here. We hope you'll stay a while! We’re a husband and wife wedding photographer team based in Houston, Texas. Ranchers-turned-photographers, our world looks like this: a Craftsman-style farmhouse; our newborn, Knox, in our arms; coffee in the kitchen; Edison lights on the back porch; and a pair of English bulldogs at the foot of our bed. Read more...

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Position Announcement

Apr 27, 2019 /

We are looking to grow our team in the form of a new wedding and portrait photographer! If you are interested in this position, or if you know someone who may be interested, please read through this post. The link to the application can be found here. The application deadline is May 15, 2019. 


  • Someone who has a passion for photography.
  • Someone who has a great work ethic and a passion for learning.
  • Someone who is an independent problem solver and self starter.
  • Someone who is responsible, punctual, and reliable.
  • Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to contribute to our team.
  • Someone who wants to improve and can take constructive criticism.
  • Someone with respect for others and a desire to serve well.


  • Social media and writing skills are a bonus, as you’ll be posting on various outlets.
  • Previous photography experience is not necessary. All training will be provided.
  • Most work takes place on evenings or weekends. As such, this position is compatible with another part-time job and some full-time jobs, although having a flexible schedule will be the best fit.
  • Tends to be a seasonal business: heavy bookings in spring and fall, relatively less shooting in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.
  • We won’t hire just anyone; we are searching for the perfect fit(s) for our team.
  • We’ll be training you to produce work in OUR look and style.
  • Initial training will require being in-person. Eventually, remote work is possible.
  • If you love photography but hate the business part of it, you may be a great fit!
  • You aren’t a fit if you desire to operate your own photography business on the side.


  • Constant feedback and encouragement.
  • You’ll be supported and mentored by our existing team of photographers.
  • We are a competitive team of entrepreneurs who are very driven. We work hard, hustle hard, and are fast-paced.
  • This is a positive work environment. We lift each other up, push each other to do our best, and treat each other with kindness and grace.


  • Our home office and base is in Boling, Texas (zip 77420.)
  • Primary places of work will be in Wharton County, Texas and surrounding counties.

If you are interested in this position, click here to apply. 

Laughter & Community
(two things you're sure to find in our company!)

Luke & Cat

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Knox's First Birthday

Jul 5, 2018 / Our Life

We survived (and celebrated!) the first year as a family of three.

Aside from a few weeks of late nights and early mornings, Knox has been the best little guy we could have asked for. He slept through the night, 7:30 PM to 7:30 AM, since he was ten weeks old and has ever since. We had no clue what parenthood would look like for us, thankfully it was the exact same, just with one more person to hangout with. 

When we started to think about Knox’s first birthday, we knew we wanted to have a nice party that was more than just a time to open presents. We wanted to host a gathering for all of the people who have been such a special part of Knox’s life this past year and helped us navigate the adventures of children. We reached out to Phuong of MIBELLAROSA, gave her a concept that we liked, and asked her to make it kid friendly.

What came next caught us a little off guard! 

Phuong told us that she was going to handle it all - and keep it a secret from us! She said it was as much a time for us to celebrate as it was for us to thank everyone else. It was such a lovely change of pace - we were able to sit back and wait for the big day to arrive. The creative team was instructed not to post any sort of sneak peek/behind-the-scenes images and not to tell us any design elements. 

On the morning of the party our house was flooded with florists, caterers, and balloon garland installers. We watched in excitement as each piece of the puzzle came together right before our eyes! 

It all culminated with a plated dinner served under the setting sun as we visited with one another and watched Knox polish off his own piece of beef tenderloin. 

We’ve both mentioned to each other that while we were only planning to have an over-the-top FIRST birthday party, we might have to make a big birthday bash a yearly thing. 

Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.

Loving family & Colorful balloons,

Luke & Cat (& Knox too!) 

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Sharing is the Best!
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Spring Engagement Photos

Outfit Inspiration

Mar 13, 2018 /

When photographing our engaged couples, our ultimate goal is to capture their love for one another, while also keeping it timeless and romantic. We tell our couples to dress in their best and to stick to one outfit that they love. But deciding on an outfit that you feel your best in can be tough. Ladies, a dress layered with the perfect accessories looks great. Guys, a fitted button down ties the whole look together nicely. You may even add a sports coat if you're up for it! So to give a little fashion inspiration, here are some of our favorite spring engagement outfits that looked and photographed beautifully, but also had our couples feeling confident. We loved Sarah and Jana's dresses because they have the long, flowy, feminine appeal that had them gracing the ranch with confidence. Both Troy and Garrett finished their outfit with a sports coat that added that extra pop. 

Sarah's long, flowy, gold dress was a photographer's dream. The warm gold tones of her dress with her skin tone, along with Garrett's simple yet fancy sports coat gave it that extra touch. If you like this dress, here is a similar style that would work well for photos. 

Jana's blush dress fit her perfectly! The elegance of the length and the slit on the side along with Troy's tailored sports coat was the perfect duo on the ranch that evening. If you are in love with this pink gem, here is a similar dress from Rent the Runway that would photograph beautifully. 

A lady in red! Madelyn's gorgeous, flowy, red dress had the most beautiful crisscross detail in the back, and it was an absolute stunner on the ranch. The outfits came together well as John had on a simple white button down with a sports coat on top. What can we say, we love those added sports coats. If you love Madelyn's dress as much as we did, here is a similar style.  

Long Flowy Perfection & Classic Love,

Luke & Cat

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Sharing is the Best!
We love your comments! We thoroughly enjoy reading what people have to say. So join our community and chime in by adding your comment below.
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