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Life & Craft Workshop Engagement Session

We headed out with our Life & Craft Workshop attendees at golden hour for a glam engagement session on the ranch. So much of the workshop experience that we wanted to create for our community was showing them what a day in our life looks like. While most of our engagement sessions don't include gorgeous lounge furniture or a bouquet worthy of a pin on even the most discerning Pinterest board, this shoot was still a great representation of how our actual clients get to interact with us on a shoot, how we pose (or more accurately, don't pose) our couples, and how we tell a story with the images we take.

We had another fantastic team of Houston creatives come together for this shoot, including our sweet models Kellan and Michelle Caldwell. Aside from being our friends, Michelle is an exquisite photographer here in Houston too. Community over competition, y'all! 

If you're interested in joining us for a future Life and Craft Workshop, sign up to be notified when we announce our next workshop at the ranch.

Life & Craft, (We're planning the next one!)

Luke & Cat

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